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also available in Jar and suppository


CBD: 1.05mg

THC: .04mg

*Cannabinoid content of the flower may vary from harvest to harvest, which means cannabinoid content will vary slightly among batches.

*To help take the headache out of figuring what total will be with all the new taxes, the listed price includes the 15% CA Excise Tax and 10% Los Angeles City Recreational Tax CA Sales Tax will based on address of your delivery location.  

Sana Sana believes that a patient should be able to have a clear understanding of: 

·      what they are taking and why 

·      when to take it 

·      when to switch it up 

You should be able to medicate when you need to without fear of interruption to daily activities. The goal is always to find your lowest effective/therapeutic dose and frequency while avoiding those far-too-common “I wish I could un-take that” moments experienced with cannabis. 

We believe starting with microdosing is the best way to achieve this. Cannabis is not one size fits all and everyone responds differently. The best way to know how it is working for you and to assess when it is necessary to change dose, frequency, or formula is by keeping a Dosing Journal. 


Why Gold Micro Dose Formula?

Gold Formula is Sana Sana’s base nonpsychoactive CBD-dominant formula. It all started here with the Micro Dose formula. Both edible and topical for humans and pets.Knowing that everyone responds differently to cannabis makes this formula ideal for someone just starting out in the world of medical cannabis products. Our goal is to find the optimal dose that meets your needs to provide the greatest therapeutic benefit.

Why Start with Microdosing? 

Our microdosing model helps patients find the right strain, lowest effective dose, route(s) of administration, and frequency without interruption to their day. 

The Sana Sana Formulas approach to dosing cannabis is truly patient-centered. For some people, microdosing is where they start and end, but for others, it’s a tool that helps determine their optimal dose. Just because you currently tolerate large amounts of THC or CBD does not mean that it is your optimal dose. We suggest the microdosing method of either CBD or THC formulas to find your appropriate dose. Microdosing is a tool used to determine one’s optimal dose one milligram at a time. You very well might require a higher dose, but what if you’re able to manage just as well with less? 

Microdosing is a tool used to determine one’s optimal dose one milligram at a time and can also be used as a maintenance regimen. You very well might require a higher dose, but what if you’re able to manage just as well with less? Similar to traditional medicine it’s important for patients to have a sound understanding of when dose adjustments should be made, whether to increase or decrease the dose in size or frequency. Learn more about dosing and when it’s appropriate to switch your dose or formula by visiting our website 

When to Switch Up Your Formulas If you find that Gold alone is not providing the relief you’re looking for, the next step is to try the Crystal Gold formula. The difference between the CBD-dominant formulas Gold and Crystal Gold is the addition of a THC strain chosen for specific therapeutic benefits based on the strain’s terpene profile. If you find the Gold Formula is too stimulating at bedtime, this may be another reason to try Crystal Gold. To find out why we use specific strains, visit the website. 

Our CBD-Dominant Micro Dose Formulas Are Pet Safe Too

Just like humans, pets (ie, dogs and cats) also have endocannabinoid systems and receptors! Most pets can manage with the Gold Micro Dose formula alone, but in some cases they require something stronger as well. However, none of our THC-dominant products are intended for pets. So before giving your furry friend something stronger such as Crystal Gold Micro Dose, you should schedule a consult. Please let your veterinarian know that you’re planning to include a cannabis-based product into your pet’s health regimen. It is suggested to start a microdosing routine with your pet by introducing micro doses with meal times since you are already on a schedule with that. Just like humans pets dosing will vary day to day likely supporting activity tolerance, for example before/after triggering activities. 



Capsule Ingredients: Organic Refined Coconut Oil, Ringo’s Gift CBD-Dominant Whole Flower Cannabis, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin. Vegetarian Capsule: 100% Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC), 8% Purified Water, 5% Sorbitol, and 2% Silicone Dioxide.

Contains: Coconut Oil and Sunflower. 


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